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MaGard Distribution Cabinet

Illegal access to telecommunication systems has witnessed an enormous growth over the last few years. All over the world communication companies are confronted with the problems caused when criminals gain unauthorized access to:

- Terminal distributors for telephones
- Cable shafts
- Terminal distributors for cable TV
- Outdoor installations for mobile telephones
- Other security-sensitive facilities

McGard high-security products are used all over the world for protecting communication technology against:

  • Activities to avoid payment of communication services.

  • eavesdropping on telephone calls.

  • disabling or manipulating activities on telephone or data networks.

  • Theft of communication equipment.

  • Vandalism.

In many cases, the lock fitted as standard can be easily replaced with the McGard locking system. Should this not be applicable, then we'll be only too pleased to develop a specific solution for your equipment.Leading telecommunication providers like AT&T, German Telekom, Hungarian Matav, Spanish Telefonica, and Mexican Telmex use McGard high-security products.

The shown below system is approved by Telecom Egypt as the main security system for Distribution Cabinets.


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